Economic Data Better Than Expected

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  1. All data is coming in better than expected. THATS BECAUSE IT'S ALL RIGGED TO THE UPSIDE.

    Market is up everyday. Maybe a few very small down days but thats it. Sellers are long gone. Only hungry buyers buying every tiny dip..... gobble gobble gobble, ummmmm!!!!!!!

    Buy anywere it won't matter you always get bailed out on the long side. Stops hahahahaha waste of time in this market. You can buy the high of the day and still get bailed out.

    Buying near the top today, NO FEAR!
  2. If it drops just cost average in it always rebounds. Thats because it's rigged to the upside make no mistake.

    Tomorrow jobs data, you guessed it better than expected. Why do you think know one is selling, they know what I know.

    IT'S ALL RIGGED TO THE UPSIDE......Choo Choo hop on board.
  3. rigged to the upside, huh?

    you're not the only one drawing that conclusion,

    "markets can remain irrational longer than one can remain liquid"

    remember that frequently quoted saying?

    trade through, just like in golf, play through....
  4. Stand aside then. I know when to take on risk, and now it's risk free.
  5. This is easy money, and pretty much risk free. Why do I say risk free, because the market action is telling me this. Evey dip is bought all support is holding.

  6. Oh no it's falling hahahaha buy buy buy.
  7. Buying any tiny dip, tomorrows jobs data will push the market to fresh new high this year. Everyone will be buying, it's rigged fellow traders trust me.

    I'm sure 90% of you are saaying I better wait till after tomorrows big report to trade....better play it safe!

  8. Let me put it in laymen’s terms. The Fed and government have spent trillions of tax payer’s money to prop up this economy.

    These are the same folks who control the reporting of all economic data. Do you really think they are going to report real numbers after spending all this money…..come on it’s rigged people, all data is going to be GREAT. The market will soar and these government clowns will look like they are financial wizards.

    Market these words down you will see tomorrow what I'm talking about.
  9. Only 300k job loss........ buy buy buy buy.....the economy has hit bottom........... were on the way back up will be the talk over the weekend......MAKE FREE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IT'S RISK FREE$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Come on hit buy buy make free $$$$$$$$$$$
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