Economic Cure, The Rennick Solution

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  1. We need a skilled leader with a proven track record. We should demand that Congress ammend the Constitution to allow Bill Clinton to become President again. I never voted for him, but would stand in line to do so if he could run again. Clinton built a great economy with surpluses. Just the prospect of him coming back would turn things around. Like that Phil Collins song, "Hey Superman where are you now?"

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  2. you do realise he repealed glass stegal and introduced the derivatives modernization act. both attributed to the situation faced now

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    Well, I guess that would depend on Monica Lewinsky. As you're already aware, we are a blowjob nation. :D
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  5. Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach_bliley Act. They were all Republicans.
  6. Total CRAPOLA!

    1. Clinton was the beneficiary of good fortune at the start of his term. We were just coming out of a recession... had the election been 90 days later, doubful he'd have been elected.

    2. He raised income taxes

    3. He was the beneficiary of the " bubble" and the taxes it collected.... the bubble which popped shortly after he left office.

    Clinton might have been the luckiest president ever, but he didn't "build" squat!

  7. So being stuck with Bush Sr. would have been better? The recession outside of banking was due to his total disregard for the economy.
  8. Not saying Bush Sr. would have been better.... just debunking the false praised heaped upon Clinton.

    Until a president promotes the shrinking of government and fiscal responsibility, none of them will be better than asswipe.
  9. It's just the Republican pattern of taking credit for anything good and blaming someone else when anything goes wrong. The first WTC bombing happened withing weeks of Clinton taking office. I don't recall him blaming Bush I. 9/11 happened the better part of a year after Bush II took office and all I heard was that it was Clinton's fault.
  10. Not just the Repubs.. both parties.
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