Economic and security Disaster under obama

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  1. The greatest mass killing on an American base on home soil and massive unemployment at 10.2% under Obama's watch. What is this inept president doing?
  2. Also, for the idiots out there, please dont say that the stock market surge is due to obama, strong statistical research has shown since carter's time that the ups and downs of the market has not very much to do with the presiden't approval ratings
  3. He's playing golf and writing his Leno speech, of course. Duh!

    Seriously, though, you can't lay the base shooting at Obama's feet.

    As for the stock market surge, that's due to the Fed (Goldman Sachs). We all know that.
  4. Was Obama suppose to be at the base to stop it? Was there a PDB that said someone was going to shoot up a base?
  5. but you democraps are never tired of saying 9/11 happened under bush's watch? Then, was president Bush supposed to be at the 70th flr of the world trade towers during 9/11 and hold a huge stop sign for Mohd Hatta to see???

    thanks for telling us how dumbass you dipshit democraps are. Follow your witchdoctor back to kenya, hes done in america.
  6. I agree that he's inept (a total DICKHEAD, actually), but neither of these are his fault.

    Our unemployment situation is due to globalization.... we shot ourselves in the foot on that one.

    While it's not his fault, his "promise" to rectify the unemployment situation typically empty. Nothing constructive he can do about it. Of course, they'll print money and pass it around for spending.. and that will temporarily "look" better... so long as nobody bothers to check the debt on the other side of the ledger...:mad: :mad:
  7. Funny how liberals lose that logic when blaming Bush for 9/11.
  8. But you republiklannish are never tired of saying 9/11 happened because of Clinton...

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    He's adapting to what appears to be the P&R way.
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