Econ Humor II

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mav88, May 10, 2010.

  1. Mav88


    I know exactly what happened with the European bailout. This info is normally only for my paid subscribers, but I'm gonna give a little teaser freebie here. According to sources who heard from other sources...
    It wasn't Greece, last month Obama was talking to Merkel and they both got a little giggly. Obama was talking up the size of his 'package' to Merkel hoping to impress her enough for you know what. Being not so good at English she thought he meant the economic bailout package.

    Merkel later was talking with Sarkozy, and she told him what Obama said. Sarkozy did understand the meaning of Obama's words, and was suddenly very insecure since the French are supposed to be great lovers. Stuttering out his words, he told Merkel he would help her find a better package than Obama's, hoping it would be himself. Suddenly Merkel thought she must have undersold the idea of a bailout package since that's all Obama and Sarkozy could talk about.

    The bailout package was unveiled in a meeting, Sarkozy could not dare explain his real meaning, so he went along. The rest is history, and I just wasted 10 minutes of my history.
  2. During the latter years of World War-2, European women were known to be "impressed" with the black, American soldiers. History does "repeat" in mysterious ways. :cool: