Econ 101 Question?

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  1. Someone asked me today :

    Which is more valuable

    a)roll of toilet paper

    b)roll of dolllar bills


    I didn't know the answer. Can anyone help?

  2. i've never wiped my ass with a dollar bill, but i doubt it would work very well. you probably wouldn't want to burn them either since they contain plastic

    presumably you could mash them down to fiber and make clothing with it
  3. Aok


    Dollar bills. They have more utility. For now.

    But when 2020 rolls along and social spending inflates us into oblivion then I'd say toilet paper. Its softer texture will make your ass reaming more bearable.

    More valuable than either though might be a gun and a bullet making machine. We'll see.

  4. yes.. see that is what I was thinking. I tried the other day to use a nice crisp $1 bill to clean back there and it wasn't very absorbant. Maybe I should try to use a well washed worn one next time.

    thanks for the ideas
  5. Dollar bills are more valuable. If given the choice between the two, you take the roll of dollar bills, neatly unroll $1 and use it to buy a roll of toilet paper. Then you have both luxuries. plain and simple :)

  6. chud


    Depends on the toilet paper. I'd take dollars over that 1 ply shit.
  7. thn5625


    Use your common sense. Which one has more market value?
    A roll of dollars bills are worth more than a roll of toilet paper.

    However, toilet paper's utility quickly increases if you were stranded on an island. Would you rather have the luxury of soft paper or some harsh dollar bills?
  8. Not enough info to answer. How big is the roll of toilet paper? How big is the roll of bills? More importantly, how bad do you need to take a dump and what are your surroundings?
  9. clacy


    I will sell toilet paper (2 plys for $1) to anyone that would be interested.

    Please PM with serious inquiries only :)
  10. jsl50a


    I have degrees in both philosophy and economics; so, I can tell you with confidence that the answer to your question is: it depends.
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