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    Posted on October 1, 2010 at 8:49pm by Meredith Jessup

    The latest anti-global warming campaign aimed at getting people around the world to reduce their carbon footprint has backfired. Big time.

    The people behind the “10:10″ campaign, a movement encouraging people to reduce their carbon consumption by 10 percent in 2010, have been forced to pull their controversial new advertisement from the internet after widespread public outcry. The gruesome 4-minute ad depicts global warming skeptics being literally blown to pieces after their tree-hugging friends insist they’re under “no pressure” to modify their carbon consumption.

    Warning (via Sad Hill): “Do NOT watch this video if you wish to avoid portrayals of extreme violence, genocide, child murders, demonic practice and terrorism — all in the name of environmentalism.”

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    Unfortunately for the “10:10&#8243; folks, the public disgust surrounding the video outweighed its message and its producers pulled it from the web. Equally unfortunate for them, however, is the rampant re-posting of the video by bloggers around the world.

    While the video’s message may have backfired, many point out that it gives a scary glimpse into the mind of today’s global warming alarmists. With its “No Pressure” campaign, writes the UK’s Telegraph, “the environmental movement has revealed the snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath its cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness.”

    For more on the environmentalists’ use of disturbing public service announcements, check out Ed Driscoll’s blog where he looks at some other famous examples of “eco-insanity.”