ECN's/Bucket Shops) The difference?! There ISN'T ANY!

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    See for yourself,
    There is ALSO a thrad on oanda fx message forums that proof this thread completely true, also.

    Stop hunting is and has been caught on the oanda boards, also.
    This fellow has first hand experience. Another thread here at forex factory ALSO supports purposely late order fills, costing a successful trader thousands and thousands of dollars.

    This trader took $1,000 and turned it into 1 million dollars in 1 year, is ONE YEAR and then. Just like that, his broker and firm cheated him severely.

    If you want the thread, let me know, i will post it.
    If you want the other thread about the stop hunting, i will post it.

    But, for now.

    Let's stick to the current thread and link, tell me, tell us all.
    Your thoughts and feelings about brokers and investment partys, the poor man has been cheated since before Christ and now.

    It's on a wider scale, the internet has poor people by the horns, brokers and the rich are continued to be allowed to do this.

    Now i see why, why the other countrys hate America.
    Greed has no end with this country. Read the thread for yourselfs.
  2. whats your point on ECNs dude? do u know what that means? how old are u? do u even trade?
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    On Oanda boards, where newbie traders don't understand that spread is added to market price and thus a stop just outside of market price can be hit with the added spread. Or where real market data gets called bad because it triggered someone's stops.

    And ECN's? You mean when stops are run on the market? Yeah that's so terrible, offering new buying opportunities. Bad market baaaad.

    Sensible stops are outside of major resistances added with the largest possible spread that could be encountered and then some.
  4. There are some deep things stated in the thread authors message.

    I believe that Capitalism is the best choice. Supply and Demand regulate the markets.

    Capitalism does not mean that one needs an unfair advantage to succeed. I believe if someone needs to cheat in our society to make a profit, well then he is nothing.

    Americans need to get back to simple, pure, honest thought. I think the 50's would be the last point in history before the accelerated degradation of our young people began.

    You can attribute TV to the bulk of the problems in our society.

    BUT..Capitalism is still the best of all of the other systems!


    P.S. When I met Electric in his old fashioned pinstripe suit and he opened his mouth, I later married him. Both of us now feel as Pilgrims passing through a time where many folks are lost. We have been married 19 years now.
  5. Wifey, you seem to be a great girl, and Electric is a lucky man. He also seems to be pu##ywhipped. Mo power to you Wifey.
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    Probably the smartest thing i've ever heard.

    The rest of you so called "experienced" traders need to take notes from this woman. Very well said,

    i however simply posted this link just to show EVERYONE, not only newbies that ECN's also cheat their clients aswell as bucket shops. The minute i mention this, idiots else where over this board act repetitive and stupid.

    Some of them, not knowing how to "fully comprend" the entire thread. I agree with everything you've said there. I agree, also.
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    What the hell are you taking about, have some commone sense,
    the guy IS ADMITTING that they specifically target stops so that they get filled, eventhou i didn't mention spreads, or slippage.

    It's right there infront of you, i simply provided that there is practically no difference, either dealing with a bank, or a desk broker. They both target stops and take massive positions against clients, wiether your on the right trend, or going against it, he even mentioned that. That they have a way to know which clients accounts are in on the big trends, they call the other banks and let them know, then.

    Seconds later,

    just like that.

    A huge reversal, if you've EVER lost over 25 pips, or more on NFP events and such, EVEN if you were on the correct trend, you would still lose over 50 pips, or more before you gained.

    This is the supply going against the client demand, this IS your broker and big banks that are going against you, purposely mind you, to push you out of the news event.

    It's not rock science,

    your broker doesn't want you to profit, that's why MOST good traders don't even trade the news.

    The trade also was specific, stops were run OVER the normal condition, the spread was the same and also there WERE no major trends moving the market over that pair.

    The stops were run highly different over three different charts,
    i don't feel like posting the link, but. if this is the level of idiocy i am going to recieve, then so be it. I'll post it, just ask.

    Like i said earlier, i give some reality and valuable uncommon as to why brokers run stops and you gaunt at me?!

    So much for helping people stay profitable.
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    Post already. So far you've shown nothing but bunch of paranoid drivel.
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    Please post for us, the difference between an ECN and a Market maker. Thanks.
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