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  1. hi there,

    lets start a discussion on the pros/cons of various ECNs.
    Long time ago, I was always using Island, so just migrated to NASDAQ after the acquisition and always been using NASDAQ from there.

    I am not familiar with other ECNs but think that I should consider all of them to optimize my trades and understanding of the market.

    How are the fees of the various ECNs? their liquidities/fills? speeds? etc?

    Does anyone have a brief idea of the ECN market shares?
  2. Occam


    This is a constantly evolving world. Nasdaq more or less became a big version of Island once they bought them; since then, new entrants such as BATS and EDGE have been very influential.

    Both rates and market shares change almost monthly. A good resource for following the ECN landscape is; here's one recent article that discusses many of the issues you raise:
  3. 7rader


    i think this is an interesting topic, i too am looking for more infomation on different ecns and their fees. i will try and do some digging and hopefully can contribute to this thread soon.
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    I've recently started at a Canadian prop firm and I'm interested in this question.

    From what I've determined by browsing around here, lots of traders are now using EDGX to hit orders and I don't understand why they don't use EDGA with routing options.

    EDGA is free to take and provide and I have been having success with fills. But then I am trading the Qs and other high liquidity ETFs. Is this the difference? Are traders using EDGX because they are trading thinner stocks?
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    Are there any good links for staying up to date with ECN fees?
  6. I still use Island and my order goes in as ISLD but it goes into L2 as NSDQ.