ECN Rebates from Home Trading

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  1. is it an unrealistic dream to have access fees like those in swiftrade trading from home?

    do remote (independent) traders get enc rebates ?
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    no. i do

    there are plenty of canadian prop firms that offer .0002 per share comms and remote. a search will find you a number of those firms
  3. may you give some names?

    i am not located in north america thou (in asia)
  4. if a prop firm allows remote. it offers better leverage, more ecn rebates, it seems cheaper and better than a retail broker like IB, there gotta be some additional costs? you have to pay software and whatever fees ?
  5. I have done an extensive search and I cannot find any firm that offers these good of rates. Would you mind telling us?
  6. As far as remote, you'd have to check with them directly, but firms like Title, Golden, First North and Lion Pride have rates in that area.
  7. really, what are the differences between a prop firm like title and a retail broker like ib? arent they just brokers .
  8. Hi where in Asia are you located? There are some Prop firms with branches in this region.
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    difference is that you have to typically give up 25-50% of your profits to those firms above. commissions usually at .0002 per share. trade firms capital, usually with small deposit like 2K+. you can work out better deals based on your performance

    giving up 25% of profits with .0002 commissions with ecn rebates can be more profitable than keeping 100% profits at .005 depending on your style. i also think its better to learn with a profit share at .0002 cause it'll keep you in the game longer.

    and if you can't trade profitably it doesn't really matter cause 100% of nothing is still nothing....
  10. Hi Bespoke. Good points. Now who's offering that rate?
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