ECN or Market Maker Broker

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  1. One answer out of three, yep, you're qualified to trade retail forex.

    Unless you're actually saying your trade size is going to be 2-3% of $1000, in which case I doubt you'll find an ECN which accepts trades for $20-$30.

    You've simply got to be a troll....
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  2. ECN or MM broker no difference to me, you trade right, you make pips, you trade wrong, you lose pips.

    ECN or market maker broker is really not much difference in an OTC market.

    remember OTC market......
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    Thank you Aiya. Who do you trade with ?
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  4. Primarily Oanda (unbeatable spreads), MB Trading, currenex via Manglobal and more recently CMC markets (to replace MBT) .

    Oanda is like currenex without the commision.

    MFglobal charges 1 pip per round trip.

    MBT is almost 3 times more expensive than market average.

    CMC spreads are reasonable.

    BTW you mentioned scalping, I do not scalp (whatever it is), maybe occasional spread arbitrage.
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  5. you plan on scalping with 2-3 % of 1000 bucks??? obviously youre an idiot and you will not make any money. dont waste our time if you do not know ANYTHING
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