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  1. Hi

    After couples years on futures , i trade the Fx now with my own methodology.

    My question is about the liquidity on FX .

    If i trade with big volume ( more than 5millions on each tickets) , what will be the best between ECN or Bank for my trades ( scalping style) .

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    Unless you have 10MM+ most banks will not deal with you. You are better off with ECN model. There is one firm out there that offers prime with 100k to start, and scalping (in that I think you mean very short term trading) is not a problem. If you are looking to arb one service against another your choices are severely limited.

    Your size volume indicates that you would be ideally suited on an ECN platform. Most ECN's will give you better leverage than you would get trading with a bank (up to 50:1 vs 10:1).

    Check pm. sent you a note.
  3. With a bit of persuasion you can get on Deutsche Bank's Autobahn with 1mio.

    I think most bucketshop marketmakers will fill orders for 5mio without any problems, Oanda do but I'm not sure how they would perform if you're truly scalping (as opposed to just very short-term trading).
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    Were can get an Autobahn for 1mio account with DB? It was more like 3.5-4Mio last time I checked around a year ago...

    you should also take into considerations the issues associated with using a single bank opposed to multiple banks ECN, as anyone with this experience could tell you banks are notorious for technical issue, feeders, POS platforms, low leverage and so on..

    Olivier save yourself a lot of deed ends and look into RCG TradeView forex; they have sort of a highbred service no dealing desk, fully automatable MT4 platform running straight into ECN banking network True inter bank fractional pricing, great spreads, no commissions and good leverage and best of all Offered by one of the oldest most well respected futures firms around.
  5. lol, Tradeview Forex, yeah right. Anyone thinking about giving them money might want to check out the NFA where you'll find words like "EXCESSIVE TRADING, UNAUTHORIZED TRADING, FRAUD", as well as "churning, misrepresentations, high pressure sales, failure to disclose risks, failure to supervise, unsuitability, omissions of fact, failure to hedge, mismanagement, excessive comissions, failure to comply with industry rules", etc etc etc, the list goes on and on and on, numerous fines and penalties, the company is a regulatory joke in the business :p

    DB Autobahn with 1mio is available if you negotiate with the Private Client rep and it's a multi-user ECN platform not just a single bank.
  6. i only trade a small amount but i was thinking maybe 1 million would cause problems getting filled.

    anyone have experience with higher amounts?
  7. You can get 5mio filled easy enough, I think someone even mentioned 7mio without having any problems. Above that I expect you have to RFQ.

  8. Didn't find anything about Tradeview Forex on the NFA, do I need glasses ?
  9. lol, bi-focals, click the NFA link in my post, it's a blast reading what this company and it's employees have got up to!

    10 pages of CFTC Reparations Cases
    13 NFA Arbitration Awards
    3 pages of Regulatory Actions

    This was an expensive one for them, $1.2mio!!


  10. When I go to your link I see this


    Where are the pages for Reparation cases,NFA rewards and 3 pages of regulatory actions ?
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