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    Hi guys,
    I'm rookie, I trade from Europe for one of canadians prop. firm as a remote. I have one basic question. Where can I find a list of ECN fee for Books. My problem occured today morning when I looked at my trading report. Yesterday everything was fine with my ECN fees, but today they are 3 times higher.
    For last couple months I used Asrdot Book. What I see this book is the problem. Until yesterday in my report fee for 100 shares was 0.25$ for taking liquidity. Today what I see is 0.75$. Can't find any information about it on the web. Is it even possible to have such "jump" in ECN fee?Or my broker is trying to fool me ?
  2. You will have to call your clearing firm to get a current ecn fee schedule. Who is your broker?
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    OK, nvm... their admit to have problem with their reporting system. Everything is fixed.
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    what firm is that?
    i know edga was supposed to change fees but they postponed for the next month
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    First North American Trading