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  1. In an effort to sort out the multitude of ECN fees I put together the attached spreadsheet. It has a pricing matrix for the major ECNs. I think it's pretty accurate but if anyone finds discrepancies let me know and I'll update it.

    Hope it's of value....

  2. You forgot dot.

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Hope all's well at OES.

    I haven't traded listed in a while. Are these 0.000275 DOT rates for taking liquidity and adding liquidity standard across the industry? Or are they OES specific?

    Also, to confirm, can everyone now get a 0.000275 per share rebate for adding liquidity on DOT? It just seems odd because it's the same as the take rate, and the rebate is kind of meager.

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  4. .000275 take fee
    .000275 add fee
    .0025 route fee

    no rebate.

    But I'm sure the rates will change soon. Give it a month or so IMO. Above are exchange fees not what a broker what would charge you.

  5. OK. I didn't see the lack of a minus sign in front of the adding liquidity rate for DOT.

    Here's a revised spreadsheet with a note to clarify there's no rebate on DOT, as well as a correction to the BATS rebate.

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    What about the AMEX?