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  1. got and offer from a prop firm they offer rebate of 2.90$ per 1000 shares on EDGX 2.40$ on ARCA and 2$ on INET
    is this a good deal ?
  2. Those are the published rates so at least you know they are not screwing you and skimming off the top
  3. have anyone ever heard of lynx trading they offered me a good deal but i want make sure theyr legit .the only info i found is theyre website.
    please help if you have any info
  4. Really depends on what else they offered you. I have heard very good and some bad about them. PM me for details. But all in all good place to start
  5. The pass throughs seem fine.

    Keep in mind that most traders who used to "provide" liquidity are not doing it any longer....flash trades, sub penny type, have made it so that it makes no sense for most. Our "providing" percentage has been cut by 70% at least in recent months. Unless things change with regulations, it will only get worse.

    My point is don't count on making net money by providing liquidity these days...better off in many cases to hit bids and take out offers (vis the cheapest route of course) - to avoid being picked off.


  6. Don have you read anything with regards to if the SEC is going to do anything about flash trades?
  7. zdreg


    why don't you read up on the subject and post your results on the proper thread?
  8. Supposed to know something mid-Summer...