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    Hi does anyone know of a link that has an updated list of all the current ECN charges/rebates for the main routes (arca, nsdq, edgx, bats, etc) ?
  2. Any list claiming to be updated is probably not. Pretty much every month one of the exchanges changes pricing structure. for fees for BX, PSX, and of course NASDAQ for NYSE and ARCA fees for BATS, BYX for EDGX, EDGA

    For darkpools, use google to find them.

    You have to compile your own list and check all the websites every month to be up to date. I don't have such a list to give you because the rates are all stored in my brain (for pretty much every execution tag I receive...).

    Good luck, and stay on top of your accounting!
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    im having trouble figuring what the arca rebate is for a NYSE listed stock?
  5. From memory it's 0.0021

    Which is rubbish... Use BATS... Gives you 0.0027... More then EDGX at the moment