ECN bonuses

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  1. As most of you already know, ECNs will sometimes bonify their rebates and reduce their fees when their client hits a certain volume threshold.

    Ex: ARCA : Greater than 30 million shares added and greater than 60 million shares total (added, removed, routed) in Tape ABC ... will get you a better rebate and cost you less to "take"

    My question is :

    How are these figures calculated ?
    Prop firm by prop firm ?
    Or by b/d ?
    Or clearing firm ?

    If Prop firm A and B and C all work with Penson for example, is the daily volume calculated from what goes through Penson as a whole or is each firm's volume taken on their own in the calculations ?

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    by b/d
  3. Whoever has the membership or agreement in place with that particular exchange/ecn. It just depends on what memberships your firm has vs. what Penson has. If they are using all of pensons memberships then they will be off pensons umbrella.