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  1. Does anyone trade at Echo? Is it a good place to start out? Do they offer training or is it pretty much self directed?
  2. self
  3. Echotrade requires a deposit and overcharges their young traders.
  4. What do you consider overcharged?
  5. been here for 3 1/2 years... been great so far...

    by the way it is a pro firm... not... a prop firm
  6. Started with Echo back in 2002.

    Never found a reason to go elsewhere.

    BTW, I have no other affiliation (manager etc) with them.
    I trade remote from the woods of upstate NY.:D
  7. not at all...
  8. their leverage isn't good. 10:1 and 2:1 overnight. higher if doing pairs. good leverage is kind of rare these days. rates were .004 +- ecn fees a while ago.
  9. obviously you have had a bad experience, yet your comments could be made for any bad office from any firm in this industry. i have been with ECHO since 2001, and have had to negotiate with them over the years for better rates as my volume has increased. yet, i am sure this is the normal process in the industry. IF you have had a bad experience then take your business elsewhere. it is that simple.
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  10. I thought they offered 30:1 leverage... intraday
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