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  1. You will have to create a new one using Excel VB or VB 6.0 and 'bolt' it onto the API for Echotrader.
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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Sorry don't know much about TS, but I doubt it. Although any programmer should be able to convert one to the other.
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    What's API in real trading?
    How is helpful?

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  4. application programming interface

    in human language, it simply means, a software linkage between two disparate systems that virtually share nothing in common other than an agreement to be agreable to a common standard.

    So, VB (Visual Basic programming language) will use a Basic programming language in common with the particular program you're seeking to link to. Fortunately, these micro systems are nothing of the nightmares that the mainframe and unix systems are based upon.

    Really, its not as difficult as it sounds...
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