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    Does anybody know about Echotrade? I'm planning to join them as the remote trader. Thanks.

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    Do a search from this site (upper right hand corner). There have been many discussions on Echotrade here.
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    To exehawk,
    Thanks for the reply. Could you tell me which web side you can find about Echotrade.

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  5. I just started with ECHO as a remote trader.

    So far so good :)

    You can't go wrong with ECHO, Bright, or Lieber & Weissman.

    All 3 are fine as a remote trader.

    Good Luck. :D
  6. I just signed up with echo...i havnet started trading with them but i have done lots of research and i think echo is very notch managment...great software....and great rates!
  7. Does anyone know if Echo has the infrastructure for automated/mechanical futures trading, now that they offer futures?
  8. don't you need to be lic series 7 or 63 ?
  9. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Seth- 7 only
    MY - If you mean is there an API interface available, the answer is yes.
  10. LA ECHO,

    Thanks for the reply. You'll have to excuse me b/c I'm not that technical. I have a few systems in Tradestation that I want to trade on the ES. Is there an easy way to take my code, use your API, and trade them?


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