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    what are the requirements for a proptrader position at echotrade???
  2. A pulse + cash + series 7 :D
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    how much cash?
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  5. Do they provide any training, mentorship or you are on your own? If they do have training - is it any good?

    Are you expected to have Series 7 or they will sponsor?

  6. I've been with Echotrade for about 9 months now....and I'll have to say that I do think that they want to build their business by attracting experienced traders by offering great rates and technology. They also will help new traders in any way they can.

    I had my series 7 before I joined, but I'm pretty sure they will sponser you if you don't hav eit yet. Best to check the site or call

    As far as training goes...they do offer seminars at various locations....and they do allow(even suggest)any member trade out of offices where experienced/profitable traders trade. Although I have yet to do this, I have talked to many who have and they said it is a great experience.

    Unlike some other firms, Echo does NOT try to nickle and dime their own members with training fees. They do not require new members to pay for "boot camp" courses.

    If anyone has any specific questions about fees , technology, etc , it's really best to check the site or call them directly.
    If there are other "opinion" type questions feel free to PM me.

    Disclaimer: I do not/never have received any "recruiting" compensation from Echotrade or any affiliations. I am here to give you my opinion. I am here to snowboard. I am here to toss back a pint or two. I am here to....yikes, too much coffee:D
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    We do not require you to attend any training "seminars", depending upon which office you are in, mentoring is available. We provide a variety of tools and people to help new traders learn to trade. Feel free to call, PM or email me for more info.