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    If you trade with Echotrade and use Sterling, you know that they add new features and update the product with impressive regularity. I've been in contact with one of the developers there about some of the new features and he was very helpful in answering my questions. These guys really do want to produce killer software and with that in mind, I'm putting together a list of suggestions and things I would like to see and I'll forward it to them and follow up on it.

    So, Sterling users, give me your feedback on the product and what you would like to see added or changed and I'll put it on the list.

  2. In the latest version, there seems to be a bug with the HI/Low cell highlighting ... I only have this problem with a few symbols($DJI, $Tick, and some others)

    I emailed Sterling about this ...having a window that will show stocks making 52wk hi/lo and / or daily hi/lo. It would help to be able to filter that also. have the option to just have NYSE or S&P 500 stocks in it.Realtick has this feature, it was one of my favorites.

    Other than that I can't think of anything.....I'm not much of a chart user. I've been very impressed with all of the updates they've made so far.:cool:
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    Well needless to say the lack of openbook is big in my, er, book. This apparently is a hyperfeed issue, and a real mind-blower to me. I have spoken with Sterling and they assure me it will be implemented soon.

    Lately I have enjoyed having alerts. This is a feature of other software packages which I have used heavily. Added value would come with the ability to set the alerts more quickly than the current format allows, ie. a hotkey combination while putting your mouse pointer on a price level could set the alert to that level.

    Agree with uptik as to the filter issue. Again this is simply a value added type feature, but I have been found simple filters such as unusual volume, high/low within a timeframe, and trade rate to be very useful. Block filters too.

    Overall I have been extremely pleased with the data quality and stability of Sterling. On top of that, the software runs with a very clean footprint and low CPU usage. The company also seems quite responsive to user suggestions, and I hope they keep up the good work.
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    You are absolutely right about STI. When you compile your list, though, you may want to send a copy of the list to Paul Cogbill. He handles all the requests for changes and can eliminate the things that are already in the works before presenting them to STI. May help to make it a little bit quicker. Your email will find him if you send it to .
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    The bug with the Dow quote (and a few others) hi/lo issue. Will be rectified on the back end in the next few days (no new release for it). As far as actives and 52 hi/lo's, thats coming soon too.
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    Happy to say that the book is coming soon. STI and Hyperfeed worked out their issues and it is being tested now. Look for a release within the next month. (Sounds like it is for real this time!)

    With respect to the footprint and resource usage- there were big improvements in that a few releases ago, not that it was ever bad, but now you could probably run it on a Commodore 64. :D

    Have you guys seen the new mini order entry and fundamentals windows? And how about that MDX window? Remember chasing the DJ Newswires at 3:40 to click on one that may have some volume on the MOC?? How easy is it now? Indications too all very easy to read and see size and side quickly.
  7. Chad-
    Yeah, the new windows are sweet. Pretty amazing how much they added so quickly.
    About that mini order window...I opened it once, and I got scared! :D No data in the box, do you need to link it or something?

    And like BRO said.....ever since they changed the servers or whatever they did....I don't think I've had one day of bad data....other than the one when my cable guy decided to shut things down for an hour.

    Keep up the good work Sterling and Echo guys!
    Go Steelers!:D

    One more thing.....when is echopoint goona be available to everyone?
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    I'm sad to say that my experience with Sterling hasn't been so good. I've been continually plagued by randomly closing windows, slow data updates in fast moving stocks, stuck book quotes, freezing, and slow chart loads. For whatever reason I've never been able to get a resolution from Sterling about these problems, despite switching PCs three times. At this point, moving to a more reliable platform is the only answer I can see.
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    No need to link the little OE window. Just need to be certain about what you are doing. See PM about ECHOpoint.
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    How fast is your computer and how much RAM do you have? What version of Sterling are you using? Stuck book you must mean stuck quotes in LII, that would be a datafeed issue, call support when you see those and they will fix them. If you are talking about ARCA quotes recently, that is an ARCA issue, they have been getting stuck everywhere and in different systems. If you want another platform, others are available. It sounds like you trade Naz, maybe you should look at ECHOtrader 2, it may be a little better suited for your particular trading. Call me if you wish to discuss or need a demo.
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