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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trader88, Nov 18, 2001.

  1. Would anyone be able to give feedback on Echotrade's seminar held last month? I plan to attend the next one but would appreciate any feedback from past attendees with regards to the value of this seminar. Also wondering if this is more informative than Bright's seminar.
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    I thought it went really well. I picked up on some new strategies I probably would have never encountered anywhere else. The main speaker was a guy named Jon who trades at Echo, but he's not a partner or anything. He's a really good guy; I've emailed him a couple times with some followup questions, and he always responds right away. He even gave out his home phone #; I think it's pretty rare for somebody like that to lend his time and experience when he doesn't have anything specific to gain by it.

    Two of the partners, Rob and Jeff, were there about half the time. Rob didn't speak, but I was really impressed with Jeff. It really gave me a lot of confidence in the management at Echo.

    Overall there were about five or six main strategies discussed. Again, the key is you're not going to get the details of these strategies in any daytrading book. I'll probably end up using one, or two of these tops. But that's really all you need.

    I don't know how many responses you'll get; there were only about 20 of us including speakers. And I think most of them aren't regular contributors on this board.
  3. Thanks for your response mjt. The info you provided was invaluable. Good trading to you.
  4. I heard it was great, from some attendees. Seems that these turks know what the essence of a real firm is, namely competent senior management that knows their product and uses it, not just sells it. I have also heard great things about other prop trading seminars, however, what's to believe whence only good platitudes are proffered?
  5. MJT, what kinds of strategies were discussed?
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    If you go to their website and find the link to the seminar, they give the list of strategies they discuss. As far as I know, the strategies are pretty much the same one seminar to the next.