ECHOtrade seminar in SD and NY

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  1. I haven't done this yet but now that ECHO sponsors Elite I can at least let the users know of the upcoming workshops.

    There is a workshop on April 19-21st In San Diego at my beautiful office here.

    There is also going to be one on May 26-27 (Sun -Monday) in New York.

    For more info Contact Terri at 800-886-0838 or training

    Traders who have attended the seminar are more than welcome to give their feedback here.

    Robert Tharp
  2. Robert,

    Does you seminar only apply to NYSE trading right?
    My question, will it benefit anyone who want to trade
    mostly Nasdaq stocks.

  3. lescor


    I've been to two ECHOtrade seminars and they were worthwhile. Some of the strategies apply only to listed stocks because they take advantage of some of the rules of the exchange. But there are other strategies that apply equally well to nasdaq stocks. The perception that Echo only encourages nyse trading is false. You can trade anything you want, as much or as little as you want and no one will pressure you to do something you are not comfortable with.

  4. exce26


    Echo seminar used to held in Las Vegas office
    What happened to Las Vegas Office?
    I heard the office was closed
    What happened to the office traders in Las Vegas office?
  5. Oh well next week SD seminar is cancelled
  6. The San Diego office has traders who trade both NASDAQ and NYSE stocks. So some of the strategies can apply to both. There are certain advantages that only the NYSE allows which are explained in the seminar.
    The seminar goes into different areas of interest.

    My News plays can easily be done on either exchange.

    Overbought/oversold same thing.

    Jonathan has a few patterns he loves to look at.

    Opening Orders are usually just done on the NYSE due to the specialist sweeping his book and an official opening compared to the NASDAQ market.

    I cover some basic money management that my father taught me.

    Aly tends to go into how he reads the tape

    Ed should be speaking for us soon and will cover some of the basic strategies he teaches the Chicago office to trade with.

    Would you be interested in trading the NYSE if you were taught strategies that could make you money?

  7. yep meant to post that.

    Tax time wasn't really considered when schelduling the seminar.

  8. Robert,

    Are you going to reschedule another seminar in coming months?

    I was about to register for the seminar, and Terri told me... Seminar cancelled.

    Ha that is what i want to hear from Robert. I want to attend a seminar that can trade both Nasdaq/NYSE.


  9. Office never got opened actually. The manager that was going to help open the office decided that he would rather live in San Diego so he is now my CO-manager here. Echo is interviewing traders who would be interested in managing Las Vegas.

    There were no office traders in Vegas all remote and still are.

    Robert Tharp
  10. We are going to do a short version in New York. (Jewish guys requested not to have seminar on Saturday for religious reasons)
    so that will just be Sun and Monday (Monday being a holiday)

    There should be another in San Diego the following month after New York. They are usually held in the San Diego office.
    I'll post more info when I get it


    Corey thanks for replying BTW. Anyone who has been to the seminar is welcome to give feedback about it.
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