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    EchotradeLA ECHOtrade

    ECHOtrade Los Angeles has officially opened. We have a beautiful Santa Monica office located just 5 blocks from the beach.

    We are looking for experienced traders for our Santa Monica office. We can also accomdate remote traders from virtually anywhere in the world. (Private room available for a trading group)

    We are offering:
    *Tiered commission structure (ECN fees and rebates passed through to trader)
    *EchoPro trading platform
    *Predator Pro automated trading software available.
    (One of the best automated programs available for fading
    the morning gaps)
    *10k deposit
    *30:1 leverage
    *5:1 overnight
    *Options available

    This office branch is offering a unique monthly bonus structure for high volume traders. Inquire for more details.

    Echotrade Santa Monica
    310 455-6051 Office
    310 455-6060 Fax
  2. Do I need a series 7 for that?
  3. EchotradeLA

    EchotradeLA ECHOtrade

    Yes, Echo requires the series 7 license.

    Echotrade Santa Monica
    310 455-6051 Office
    310 455-6060 Fax
  4. thanks for the reply
  5. How about your address? Can I visit you? Who is the manager?
  6. Anybody use Predator Pro for their automated trading? Heard it was really configurable but I woud like to find out more information if anybody is willing to share. Heard it was real good for automating trades thus creating a lot of volume but if configured right can be very lucrative. Read an article here on elite bout how it fades the gaps in the morning nicely etc... Anybody use it care to share information? Anyways I think echo is solid, been looking up alot of info on them, just want to find out more about this "automated trading software".. Planning to visit the SM office sometime this week.
  7. Weasel


    What exchange do you guys have your traders registered with? What is the cost?
  8. Here is information on "fade the open gaps", a feature of Predator Pro.

    Orca – Opening Order Automation
    Seems like by now everyone has heard of opening orders, and countless traders do them these days. Yet less people are making good money at it anymore. Why is that? Could it be because the smart have been getting smarter? Yes, it is. And we wrote their software.

    Orca enables you to send orders for an unlimited universe of stocks, not only for NYSE but also for Nasdaq Stocks (yes there is a game there too). When you first fire it up it defaults to sending orders for the largest 650 NYSE stocks. Then, you customize from there. Add symbols, remove symbols. By utilizing our proprietary price and volume system for determining which stocks you would like to include in your universe of stocks, your stocks list is automatically adjusted every day to the stocks that meet your criteria and their volumes adjusted accordingly.

    Orca automatically calculates in fair value, overnight Spu prices, and the cash settlement prices to give you an accurate picture of where the market will open. All stock prices being sent out are automatically adjusted to take this into account, along with the stock beta, sector opening calculations, any news adjustments made, price, average daily volume, and many other crucial criteria. And within 5 seconds of opening the program you can be ready to fire orders, which depending on your trading system can fire at up to 80 orders a second. Because Orca does so much of the work for you, some of our clients have become accustomed to starting the program 5 minutes before the market opens and still having more than enough time to get in all of their opening orders and layers for hundreds of stocks with minutes to spare.

    Bad news in a stock? You are just one mouse-click away from disabling orders from being sent for the stock or for the whole sector. Or with a few more mouse-clicks, bring all the Short orders down to be shorting the sector on any uptick on the opening print. With a fully customizable market, sector, and stock specific opening order automator it s no wonder why Orca is the new standard.

    (PS) – Getting too many fills, need an auto-exit based on your specific parameters?

    Orca is just one feature of Preadator Pro. Other features include automated envelope trading, filters/automatic trade entry, basekt trading, automatic position exits (% or pnt), gap fingers and auto gap entry, spread/pair trading, new highs/lows, etc....

    As for echotrade, they are part of the PHLX.
  9. Weasel:
    What exchange do you guys have your traders registered with? What is the cost?

    What costs are associated with registering with an exchange?
    how much are fees for the different exchanges?

    who pays that?

  10. is Orca a free feature of PredatorPro or do you have to pay an additional cost to use Orca??- the program sounds very interesting.
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