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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by speculator69, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know why Echo is down? Their system has been down for almost two hours and I can't get any answers. This is ridiculous.
  2. Anyone out there??? I thought there were a bunch of Echo people on this board...
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    My understanding is that there is a power outage in the building that houses the servers for the clearing firm. If you are a member of Echotrade you should have a telephone number for the clearing firm; they can explain in greater detail.
  4. Thanks...thats what I heard but no one has any answers on why there is no redundancy...I've never heard of a firm with no power backup. This outage has cost several people a small fortune.
  5. This is becoming commonplace--another 1/2 hour of trading lost again today. Can anyone explain to me why EchoTrade has been down so much lately? This is costing me thousands and I'm getting sick of it. Why is there no redundancy???
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    i know the lines to the NYSE went affected me as well, but given in the past 7 months this has only happened maybe 3 times that i can recall i think that is a pretty good batting avg. i have been with 2 other firms and the down times were much more frequent...not even close!!!! i am just curious, are you going to post every time there is an electronic problem? you might be in the wrong business....did you come off the floor or something???
  7. Bigtime. I am not affiliated with any prop but how can you equate a pro firm like Echo which has penny per share pricing vs. a retail firm that charges ticket charges plus penny a share. Not a valid comparison.
  8. Bryan:

    No offense but your numbers are way off (or you must be using a different Echo system than I am). And maybe I WILL start posting every time we go down. Someone should be held accountable. I've noticed that things dont seem to get done without a little public pressure.

    Everyone touts "redundancy this, fault tolerant that." Where the hell is it??? Because I dont see it. Every time it's something different: "loss of power at our data center", "lines down," "quote server problems." I don't need excuses. I just want them to get some G--damn backup systems that work! Maybe you trade one lots or something but I do good volume and have made Eco a lot of money, and I feel I have every right to complain.
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    if you are trading remote then we are using the same system!!!! i appreciate the dig about me trading 1 lots, that was constructive. i am using a T-1 at my location and can absolutely say that i have only gone down 3 or 4 times in the past 7 months. this would lead me to believe that maybe the problem some of the time is on your end.
  10. Bryan,

    And what about the "did you just come off the floor" comment?

    You're a contradiction of sorts aren't you...
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