echotrade min required to start?

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    I was on their site and couldnt find it, I would call but it is the weekend and wondering if anyone knew?

    I tried to search on elite trader but couldnt find it, I thought I read it was $15k? AND (clean U4, S7)

    anyone have any ideas?

    also does anyone trade echo in a "group" or at a "desk"? or mainly remote echo traders?

    if you dont want to say over the board, please pm me.
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    Majoor red flags on that one. Stay away kids!
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    on your site "lowest rates on the street"

    everyone claims that classic line.

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    25k at Bright and 10k at Echo. I don't remember how much leverage I had at Bright, but it was 30/1 at Echo.


  5. I suggest you simply call us and Echo to discuss. There are many variables involved when coming in either place, last I checked.

  6. timcar


    The problem with calling up “these guys” is the company will give the trader some basic information yes: BUT ALSO trader get’s a story how great it is to trade here.

    As least by obtaining info from this board or other third party info this type info is likely to be more accurate of how the PROP firm actually works.
  7. Actually have called both and got the straight poop without any cheerleading. Have your questions ready when you call. I think I saw that Don had posted the various costs some where on here within the last month. Echo even offered to let me try out their platform for a week. I didn' t ask when I talked to Bright.
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    Drop 5-10k in a $500 margin futures account and you instantly get 50:1 leverage. Even higher if you compare $500 margins to the like's of IB's $6188 (or whatever it is).
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    thanks don, not aware of any trading desks in my area. I dont want to trade remote and some of my friends may not be able to put $25,000 now. 25k is somewhat a barrier to entry for many of us small fish :)

    but I can say about Bright, Ive heard nothing about good things from bright traders Ive spoken too
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    or take a cash advance on a credit card, go to vegas, take out a heloc and put it on red. :D
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