ECHOtrade merging with Van Buren

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  1. I'll start some threads on Sterling software later on. I love how I requested that they put in the availability to cancel all the buy orders or sell/short orders with just one click which I had suggested. Bob had it built into the software within 2 days.

    Request something be added and have it done immeadiately


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  2. What will be the minimum capital contribution for new members?
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  3. lescor


    Congrats on the news, sounds like a true win-win for all involved. As a current Echotrade member, I'm really excited about whatever new stuff comes down the pipe.

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  4. An incestuous relationship...... eeeooouuuwwwww.......just what the industry needed.
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  5. Everyone seems to be congratulating the two firms. I am a little confused about the entire thing. Besides the cost savings to the firms, and some "tools" software, how does this help/impact Joe Trader? Doesn't seem like a win/win for him...
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  6. Well NewatThis

    First both firms trade on Sterling but we had our own versions of each (adding refinements) these will be combined

    Echo has more office locations now to trade out of

    The ECN fees are now gone according to the report

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  7. Well let's see, more traders to talk to and bounce strategies off of, more capital, bigger firm, more offices, more software to use, lower commissions, what more could Joe Trader want? :) I know I am very excited about it myself being an ECHO trader.

    I just called and got the scoop from ECHO central and from what I know in addition to all of this it now gives me a Santa Monica office to trade at, a new La Jolla location to visit, and an office to trade at when I go to San Francisco. Pretty cool stuff. :D

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  8. sabena


    Any news about the availability of futures

    with Echo ?
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  9. What will happen to the ECN rebates?
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  10. Best of luck Jeff & Vito
    I'm glad to hear both of you are now working together for the benefit of traders. Keep in touch and let me know how everything is going.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., LLC
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