Echotrade Los Angeles office now open!

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    Hello Elite Members,

    As a sponsor of Elitetrader, we would like to announce the opening of the
    EchoTrade Los Angeles office.
    We are looking for experienced options and equities traders. Office is
    located in beautiful downtown Santa Monica, just 4 blocks from the beach.

    We cater to traders looking for an office environment as well as those who
    prefer to trade remote (virtually anywhere worldwide).

    We are offering very competitive rates starting at .006 and going as low as
    We offer a tiered rate plan as well as monthly rebate checks depending on
    Inquire for more details.

    +Remote traders and groups welcome.
    +Options trading available.
    +Automated trading program Predator Pro available.
    +Office space and special rates available for trading groups.
    +We can accommodate a group that wishes to have a dedicated
    trading office.

    ECHOTRADE Los Angeles
  2. Quote from Mongol:

    Thanks for the responses. So far, I have found 5 prop firms in this area.

    Bright Trading
    Echo Trading
    Carlin Financial Group (which appears to be Generic Trading)

    Can anyone comment on these 5 based on my previous question? Also, feel free to add any I might have missed.

    Echo "doesn't provide training". That includes even acquainting one with their direct access software, trading process, trades reporting processes, problem resolution or otherwise. All these are considered training, and they don't do that.

    Surprising, huh? I am directly quoting one of the principals of the firm on that statement.

    So, if you don't already know their software, then they don't train. If you don't already have significant trading skills, techniques and access to the latest methods, then they won't provide it either, nor facilitate sharing between their traders to the benefit of other traders.
  3. Their is an intersting article in the new "Traders" magazine on Steve Schoenfield too this month very interesting, congratz to Echo on their expansion, hope that is a good sign for our whole industry and trading in general.

    rttrader1 -
  4. See you at the beach, im freezing over here.
  5. Freezing?

    Well, it's almost 40degrees here in upstate NY! Practically a heat wave. I'm puttin' on my swimming trunks!:cool:
  6. First of all, The platforms really arent that complex, so not much training is necessary. I worked out of the NY office, and Nick (manager) trained mye on the platform, and was always went out of his way to help.

    He was also helpful with the Predator software.
    Dan (tech guy for remote traders) is also very helpful. I dont see what more you expect them to do.

    As far as trading "techniques", I dont think any of the firms do so without some sort of fee or contract. Ones that work and make $$$ simply arent given out.

    I have no complaints about echo.

    *My only partial complaint is that sometimes a slight change in fee structure or obscure new policy, (whether street wide or firm) wasnt always communicated well to the traders. It would hit your account then you would have to ask to find out what happened.

    Overall, I recomend them highly.
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    I posted this on another thread. It might be of interest to someone.