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  1. Just writing about ECHO's seminar in Las Vegas on July 19-21.

    We have a special guest speaker for this one. He averages over a million shares a day as a scalper. Our guest speaker is one of the most profitable traders in the firm.

    If you have questions email

    Robert Tharp
  2. Well I guess I'll see everyone in Vegas.

    Have to see if Brandonf 's theory is right about economy by all the Strippers not doing as well as they used to. Plan on seeing if this is true all over :)

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    Hey Robert

    I did a word search for 'strippers' and your name showed up in 3 of 6 posts. (Well, now it will be 3 of 7) How about that!

    BTW I checked out the Olympic Garden last October as well as last month. Quite a bit more packed last fall. I don't know whether there was a convention in town.
  4. Hey, where's my invitation to the Echo seminar...I must have overlooked it in my mail....Cheetahs or Olympic Garden...??

    Robert....what, no free tickets?

  5. I will be attending the workshop this weekend. Is it too late to change the venue to Cheetah's?
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    just curious, how was the seminar??? any attendees care to give their feedback???
  7. :D
  8. I attended the Echo seminar last weekend in Las Vegas and personally feel that it went really well.
    There were three main speakers during the workshop, each with different trading styles - one was a pure scalper, one trades news and momentum and the other does OO orders mixed with a variety of other styles. All three trade for a living, and that is what makes this workshop different. I did not hear any stochastics, Bollinger Band, Elliot Wave, MACD crossover bullshit; what I heard was how these three professional traders are able to take money out of the market on a consistent basis.
    I was particulary impressed with the speaker who discussed scalping in the seminar. He spent more than 4 hours explaining his scalping style and this, together with his personal "book" on scalping which he wrote (and gave to us for free) was the most comprehensive explanation of this subject I have ever come across. I started using his scalping guidelines this week and am happy with the results so far. It will take me a while though to see if this style will fit me long term but so far so good.
    A lot of ground was covered during the 2 1/2 days (all the topics on their website regarding the seminar were discussed) and different strategies were presented. Everything was very structured and organized with a lot of time reserved for Q & A. The 3 speakers were very professional but approachable. We all had lunch together and they answered any and every question posed to them in a very knowledgeable way without hyping their firm. In fact, I honestly don't recall any mention at all of Echotrade during the course of the seminar unless it was asked first by a participant.
    Overall, I walked away feeling I got more than my money's worth. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone thinking of trading professionally.

    Disclaimer - I do not trade with Echo and am not here to promote their firm. Just a satisfied seminar participant.

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    Great seminar

    Especially for me as I had travelled all the way from the UK with some pretty high expectations.

    PS: Hi trader88!
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    thanks guys for the feedback!!!! i am really curious to hear the guy speak that trades 800k to one million shares a day. i just can't imagine being able to do that....i would love to have that rebate hitting my sheets every month!!!
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