Echotrade - Boca Raton

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Copernicus, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. anyone?
    i'm curious if their office space is former worldco ground?
  2. where in boca is the office?
  3. mizner park, im just wondering if its in the tower where wldc was
  4. anybody is Echotrade boca raton office in the old worldco office space in mizner park?
  5. I heard that someone was openning a decent sized office in the old WorldCo office but I'm not sure exactly who it was. Thats probably who it is.
  6. it would make sense everything was already built out, ready to go.
  7. very doubtful.
  8. why?
  9. No, Worldco was in the office tower at the south end of Mizner Park. The Echotrade office is on the 3rd floor above Sloanes icecream. That whole floor is smaller professional offices, dr.'s etc.
  10. ok thankx, thats where abn-ambro/lasalle is as well, right?
    who took up the worldco space then?
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