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    Anyone like dislike ?

    What is a better prop to trade ?

    Specifically interested in opening orders system

    Heard all about Bright- no thanks
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    No info huh ?

    106 views nobody knows....... hmmm

    believe me if I posed somthing about BT there would be a entire dedicated tram on this!
  3. LOL, as I've said many times...Echo was started by ex Bright Traders, nice guys (Hi Jeff, Hi Rob), I haven't spoken to them for a while. Several of our guys have traded there, a little different, but pretty similar business models. Taken over by Merrill Lynch a while back....Call them and chat.

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    Echo's a good firm with solid reputation but their fees and a little higher than others. On the other hand, the leverage both intraday and overnight are excellent. The Sterling platform is the perfect platform to learn on if you're a new trader.

  5. Perfect for Opening orders. They will give you the OPG excel software if you want it.
    I've been with them since 2002, all good.

    A+ from uptik.
  6. Hi fellas... Can anyone confirm whether its still possible for a non US resident to trade with them remote? The idea would be to deposit x amount and receive good leverage like there was pre tuco time. It seems that certain firms are no longer allowing clients from outside the U.S to trade allegedly because of concerns about SEC hooplah concerning Tuco. Anyway can anyone confirm if its still possible to get deals based on deposits for leverage with sub 25k amounts for people with series 7? Thansk guys.
  7. In our case, it just depends on what Country. We have traders all over, but for example, BC is ok but not the other Canadian Provinces. Israel is ok, but not UK, kind of weird.

    (all standard licensing requirements apply of course)

  8. You can't do UK?

    how abt Singapore?
  9. I don't necessarily think their fees are any higher, depends on your volume like anywhere else. Been there 3 yrs, very responsive and solid individuals. Highly recommended.
  10. Probably fine...and I would love to come to Singapore to help out.... same rules apply (license etc.), but give me a call if you like.


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