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  1. Just a couple simple questions, as I'm considering switching to Echo:

    Is leverage 10-1? If I were to put up 1/4 mil, would my buying power be just 2.5 mil, or would they go higher on that kind of deposit?

    Ballpark, what commission deal could I expect? I'd plan to do almost no trading for about 10 months/year, and trade heavily when the market gets volatile. Using last year as an example, I'd only trade July & October. Trading the other 10 months was not worth my time.

    I realize I could probably get this info by searching through old posts, but I'm just a lazy asshole. Thank you.
  2. You're going to put up a 1/4 mil with them? I would be nervous about that although I don't know much about them. You can probably put up less from what I hear though.
  3. When the market gets good & volatile (rarely) I like to press hard. I mean really hard- last July & Oct when the market got interesting, I was thirstier for buying power than a Muslim is for blood.

    From the PM's I'm getting the impression that 1/4 mil would in fact get me 5 mil in buying power.
  4. just a thought/question: do you really trade 160,000 shares at a time? that's roughly what you would be doing on a $30 stock with $5MM?
  5. Yes, really. Funny thing is, I used to say "If a stock's under $100, I usually won't bother trading it." Now I'm hard pressed to think of just 3 nazz stocks over $50.
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    Hey, tomorrow's after hours chat is something you might be interested in. Vito Sisto, CEO of ECHOtrade will be joining us in the Elite Trader Chat Room.

    He'll be presenting on the enhancements his firm has made to its ECHO Trading Methodology, which focuses on the scalping of large listed equities, in order to maintain consistent profitability in this market environment.

    Yet we always have a lively Q&A after the presentation,
    so please join us Wednesday, May 7th @ 4:30PM EST.

    ET Chat Guy
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    Pretty sure we have spoke before but any Ayn Rand fan deserves some attention. How much leverage do you want? What kind of volume will you do when you do trade? Easily answered questions but why ask them here? You can PM me with your phone number if you want to discuss it or you can call me at 858-626-2910 or call our main office 866-700-ECHO or email me or see the contact form on our website.

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    I wonder how many traders are Ayn Rand fans? it seems right up the traders alley... rewards for results.