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    How is software? Payout? Stability of firm? Does software show net trading P/l ? Would you recommend this firm? Thankyou.
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    I am looking into this firm too. Where do you currently trade?
  3. I work there and have been extremely satisfied.
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    Don't know.
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    Software is great! Regularly updated. Shows gross P/L, net P/L can easily be calculated using traded volume. Firm very stable for many years, now affiliated with Merrill Lynch. Love it. Highly recommend!

  6. I stumbled upon this thread and felt compelled to respond. I rarely go to this website since so much of the information is simply incorrect. ECHO is a good firm run by people who will do what they can to make you happy. No prop firm is perfect, but I have stayed with the one I think is the best.

    A friend and I have traded with ECHO for about 5 years now, and we have no intention of going anywhere else.

    I am very familiar with all departments of the firm and I can recommend them without hesitation. You can try them out, and if you don’t like it just close your account.
  7. top.

    what is the echo / merril relationship?
    does anyone have anything BAD to say about echo?
  8. if you are a scalper, echo is not the best choice for you. im sure most scalpers will get shaken out with hybrid but if you are planning on scalping, you will get killed using the echo platform.

    other than that, the firm is stable and fairly well run. the software is decent and fairly easy to use but it is not built for speed. it is also not the best platform for nasdaq either.
  9. I have been at ECHO since 2001 and truly dont have anything bad to say about the personel. Actually, I have become good friends with a few of the guys in the backoffice. The personel is trustworthy, available and will work to resolve any issues that you might have.

    However I do have to agree that IF you are a scalper the platform (for speed and routing abilities) is nowhere near as good as other platforms. That being said, I have grown as a trader over the years, and ECHO has been solid in meeting my needs as I grow as a trader.
  10. Do they allow you to hold positions overnight? Can you get good buying power if you hedge? How much?
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