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    Does anyone have any info on Echo's Chicago office? I'm a newbie and interested in trading from a office. Any information like how many traders consistently trade from the office or if they have any training programs?

    I've done a search and found some information but none of it is very consistent. I'm looking for any details specifically related to the Chicago office.

    Thanks in advance
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    Anyone have any info on Echo in Chicago?
  3. 866-700-ECHO
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    I should have been more specific with my questions.

    Does anyone who trades for Echo or has traded for Echo have any input on their Chicago office and their training program?

    I've already called the offices of Echo and would like to hear from an actual trader their.

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    One more bump to see if anyone on this board trades from the Chicago office?
  6. I've been there. It's an okay office. It is what you might think it is...a small office of traders, but they sit right on the network so connections might be good.
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    Thanks echochicago I sent you a PM.