ECB's Stark Urges End to Greek Row-Finally

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  1. FRANKFURT—A German member of the European Central Bank urged governments to halt the "fruitless" discussion over a private-sector role in granting Greece additional support, further isolating the German government's position, which it reiterated Friday, that such involvement must be a condition for more aid.

    "There is no need for private-sector involvement," ECB executive board member Jürgen Stark told reporters Friday at an annual conference of ECB officials and private-sector economists and academics. "I see it only as a political issue for political reasons, not for economic reasons."

    Mr. Schaeuble, Germany's finance minister should simply shut up.
  2. AK100


    Looks like they want to schedule more meetings. Probably with the intent of scheduling the next date for the next meeting.

    And on and on it goes until the markets force them to do something.

    Then of course when it all explodes you know who's going to get the blame, yep the nasty speculators :)

    Got to love a) the incompetence, and b) the hypocrisy.