ECBs Stark: ‘Illusion’ one can solve Greece budget crisis by restructuring

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  1. Euro is not in crisis
    Euro countries in debt crisis
    Euro remains anchor of stability,trust
    Europe in worst crisis since World War II
    Many of Europe problems ‘home made’
    EU-17 growth divergences pose challenge for ECB
    1Q growth was ’stronger than expected’
    Stark says situation in peripheral countries ‘critical’
    Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Must follow EU, IMF programs
    Greece ‘is solvent’
    Greek debt restructuring won’t solve problems
    Restructuring weakens government resolve to stick to aid plan
    Restructuring would cut off a government from markets
    Restructuring would be catastrophic for EU, IMF programs
    Restructuring would push banking system to brink
    ‘Illusion’ one can solve budget crisis by restructuring
    EU proposal not the quantum leap needed
    ECB wants automatic sanctions for budget offenders
    There hasn’t been a transfer yet in Euro area
    ECB will continue to deliver price stability
    April rate increase was to anchor inflation expectations
    Interest rate level very low
    ECB didn’t signal rate increase rhythm
    ECB signaled gradual increase in interest rates
    ECB sees significant risks from debt restructuring