ECB's Knot says Greek default possible: reports

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  1. FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- European Central Bank Governing Council member Klaas Knot was quoted Friday as saying a default by Greece can no longer be ruled out. In an interview with Dutch daily Het Financieele Dagblad, Knot said a default is a possibility. "It is one of the scenarios, I'm not saying that Greece will not go bankrupt," said Knot, who heads the Dutch central bank. "All efforts are aimed at preventing this, but I am now less certain in excluding a bankruptcy than I was a few months ago," Knot said, according to Reuters.

    The circe de soleil is a kindergarten compared to the idiots at the ECB and European politicians. I don´t get anymore the stupid comments from all these braniacs.
  2. Butterball


    The market with 1y Greek interest rates @ 100% has long ruled that a default is coming one way or another. Nobody needs some egghead central banker or politician to confirm what the market told us many moons ago.
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    i'll explain that to you.

    the central bankers job is ALWAYS to do the most damage and economic destruction as possible. so banks can take over the assets and wealth and power.

    more, their dream is to rage wars. so the elitists can divide, rule, be above others.

    its always been this way. "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" h. kissinger.

    the real problem however, is that the sheeple love to be ruled and screwed.
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    not only Greece will deafult. the whole Europe will.

    what enables the economy to be above water and to grow?

    1. economic freedoms
    2. low and simple taxes
    3. freedom in new technologies (once its supressed, it keeps everybody in the old age struggling)
    4. free market capitalism. socialism leads to extreme poverty (Cuba, North Korea, Belarus).
    5. not too much military spending.

    Look at the Western world today. Totally the opposite.

    Since EU and US do everything to be poorer, they will be.
    Except, of course, top politicians and bankers.