eCBOT (YM) stops, who can view them?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mtzianos, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. It'd be helpful if someone shed some light on the technical side of the issue.

    Last few days I've been making some trades in YM, via InteractiveBrokers (IB).

    Quite often, I'm getting stopped out within 0-1 tick (i.e. the exact tick) of what proves to be the local swing high or low, i.e. the highest or lowest YM price for the next 30-60min, or even for the day.

    Chance? Bad luck? Perhaps... But to the tick? On several occasions on several days?

    It's obvious that larger stops / clusters of stops are being targeted in every market. On the other hands, my positions are too small to be of any interest imo.

    Anyway my question:

    1/ who can "see" resting stops in YM-ECBOT?

    2/ Does IB do trading in YM, either directly or via related entities? (TimberHill)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Why don't you set "mental" stops and watch the market and see if the same thing happens?
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    only you, God, and your brokers system.

    Ecbot does not accept stop orders of any kind.
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    Maybe God does trading in YM ?

  5. maybe you are thinking with the crowd, most looking at the similar support resistance levels or 'round' numbers and with the YM the stop gunning is always a little 'overdone' (overshoot)...and especially before building a turn in the direction one wants.
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    For ECBOT your stops are sitting on the IB servers.

    Yes, IB's related entities do trade YM. However, I can assure you with 100% certainty that Timber Hill does not see, know nor care about the orders you are placing. This comment is backed up by my intimate knowledge of the trading system and more importantly, the statements IB makes to the regulators.

    It is most likely that you're placing your stops at strong resistance levels.
  7. if trading is like poker, then being stopped out just means your hand was too weak at that moment.... and had to fold...
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    If it reversed after taking out his stop, the correct analogy is that he was bluffed and folded a good hand.

  9. Either that or he needed one more card to get the Royal Flush...

  10. Are there any other "related" entities besides Timber Hill who
    trade YM?

    Does IB also have "related entities" who trade ES, NQ and ER2?

    And how much volume do they do? Or can you say?
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