ECBOT Mini-Gold Futures

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  1. Does anyone know why the volume of YG G6 is significantly larger than YG F6? Thanks.
  2. wow ... hello newbie ...

    you need to ask your broker or read up
    on the various exchanges about how futures
    rollover ... they are not traded like stock options
    for the majority of us ... yes their might be some
    weekly or monthly derivatives trading in gold
    otc or comex but come rollover time

    for people who trade speculating in gold or mini gold futures on cbot / ecbot

    the cycle is
    DEC => FEB =>APR=>JUNE=>August=>

    by the way can you guess what comes into "lead
    month" status after August ? its not what you might think from looking at the time between each of the above

    hope this info has helped you in some manner

    good luck to you

  3. The full size rolled to Feb, not goes the mini...
  4. Thanks for the replies.
  5. alternatives to trading gold futures

    gld - etf

    nem - big cap miner ( part of xau )

    thebullionvault ? ( some new exchange )?

    gold coins / bullion

    e gold ???

    CFD ??

    I am sure there are a few others