ecbot down

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jim c, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. jim c

    jim c

    we are froze up on the careful . jim
  2. yes..

    check all the past threads about this...

    all I know is when it goes down.. they usually ramp market up and then finally reopen ecbot

    unless of course this time is different
  3. Damn, I am shorting YM now. WTF
  4. What if the position go against me, when they backup? Anything I can do?
  5. position could go in your favor too
  6. It's in my favor right now and I want out. I would feel terrible when a win becomes a loss.
  7. dont worry...

    soon as futures go back up again.. they will reopen ecobt as usual and force everyone to cover..
  8. a2vwnick


    been down 15 frickin min
  9. dmcw

    dmcw Global Futures

    If you have mini Dow positions you are stuck in you can use the $10 pit Dow to hedge yourself. I hope you are trading in mulitples of 2.
  10. spx already goes up
    #10     Jan 11, 2007