ECBOT down?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by SethArb, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. anyone able to trade tonight ?
  2. was just noticing the metals quotes went down right before open. nothing over here

    maybe a good sign for the week.. esp with oil scratching 70 right now and dollar at a relative channel high.. nymex margins raised but not cbot, etc
  3. chisel


    it's definitely down...don't know a time for the pre-opening yet.
  4. now why this happens on a sunday night
    after a holiday with markets moving

    ( well I think I am hedged ok but have no clue
    until I see where we open and my broker computes my P+L )

  5. Surdo


    Have a drink!

    Just poured a nice JW Black neat.
  6. CQG has a notice out saying that CBOT will be postponing the open of electronic contracts.
  7. chisel


    I was able to enter a ZN order just after 5:30 tonight Chicago time, but when I went to cancel it just before the open, I couldn't. So it seems it was working for a little while anyway. Damn.
  8. chisel


    If anyone knows the pre-open and open times tonight, please post them when available.
  9. anyone know where japan bond futures are trading ?

    I know where comex metals futures are trading
    in nyc

  10. Notice from eCBOT:

    Due to technical difficulties the market will not open at 6pm CST. Further updates regarding the market opening will be forthcoming.
    #10     Apr 16, 2006