ecbot down?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ranger64, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. no quotes in tws and sierra
  2. fseitun


    yep, same old goddam CBOT...looking forward to january when this piece of shit will merge with CME
  3. Yes, it's down. Problem at the exchange, according to IB.
  4. ym will move to globex january 13
  5. yes same here last trade 10.44 central time
  6. ok its back
  7. Cesko


    It's back but WTF?? Is it just me or what is it with spread on YM? Constant 2-3-4 tick spread. Something doesn't feel right about YM today.
  8. yes i see that to , its just not a lot of volume today
  9. I AM DONE WITH THE YM AND ECBOT...seriously...too risky..during the MAY07 FOMC date I entered a great short and the cbot went down...could have made huge cash...officially done with the cbot YM...
  10. nkhoi

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    #1 reason to move to ES.:)
    #10     Dec 3, 2007