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    Hi there,

    Any one any thoughts and ideas on the next move out of the ECB ??

    And any thoughts on the next significant move in the Bund ??
  2. With all the pressure on the ECB as of late, and comments out of them now starting to say things like "A rate cut isn't out of the cards" then I'd begin to expect a drop in 25bps next session. Note - BEGIN to expect. Not fully expect. Not yet.


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    The comments from Issing this morning , definately help your point of viw i didnt think this was anything really new and pretty much what Trichet hinted at in his press conference thursday.

    Trichet has been firm untill now though that rates do not need to and will not come lower , can you really see him throwing in the towel ? in whiich case euribor has certainly further upside?