ECB interest rate today - What is your plan.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by intervention, May 2, 2013.

  1. It is expected that ECB will cut rate and what you will do in such case.

    I am planning to go short on EU and EJ with tight stop loss and if it moved clean then a 100 pips can be made.

    I am not a pro trader and your suggestions will be helpful.
  2. cvds16


    the short in euro is most likely allready in the market, if they lower rates, it looks more like a buy to me ...
  3. this is an asymmetric trade b/c everyone expects a rate cut but i don't think it's a done deal. obviously don't place a trade ahead of time just wait until after and ride the trend.
  4. cvds16


    yeah, I wasn't planning on doing anything with any size before they take action ...
  5. Lucrum


    1) assuming you know how the market will react is often a mistake
    2) tight stops after big news/announcements are usually an even bigger mistake