ECB and other Central Banks

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  1. From what I understand the ECB has not yet hinted at tightening. Am I right to believe that now the ECB has a tight monetary policy? Haven't they been essentially trailing the Feds monetary policies, standing back, the past several years?

    The BOJ, recently in the news started a round of QE, and China has seen the yuan rise in value although they have wished for it to not.

    Does anyone have any opinions thoughts? What about resources for information on other countries, Canada, Latin America, Australia. etc, central bank policies.

    I would take opinions commentaries on any economic, monetary policy, anywhere on the globe.

    Thanks, and Good Luck.
  2. The ECB does not run a tight monetary policy, actually they have been throwing all the good principles championed by the Germans out the window. Blame Draghi who quickly became a Bernanke copycat . "To sum up" : It's the less worse of the central banks.
  3. Sorry. I did make a mistake in my initial post. I intended to say "an easing" monetary policy from the ECB.

    Any comments, info, on the other central banks?
  4. There's more than ample commentary on all sorts of central banks out there on the web.
  5. Post some links
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  7. any personal commentaries?
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