ECB and BOE Monetary Policy Decision

Discussion in 'Economics' started by aboldoldtrader, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. cut 50bps
    cut 25bps
    raise 25bps
    raise 50bps
  2. I meant to do a poll, whatever. I think the BOE and ECB cut 25bps.

    The market is almost forcing the ECB to cut rates, imo.
  3. No change, either of them. Trichet will be a bit more dovish and quite possibly will address rather aggressively the Euro's rise.
  4. The market's, european and usa, haven't priced a cut in, but it sure seems gold, crude, and natty gas have/are
  5. Gold, crude, etc. could really care less what the ECB does. They're priced in dollars and really only care what the Fed does. And we all know what mode the Fed are in.

    Funds are piling into commodities now - originally because of inflation. Now it's becoming self-reinforcing as they pile in because they know others are piling in.

    Eventually, when they all get long, it'll come crashing down.
  6. I disagree, and so do the buyers of euros, and sellers soon to come
  7. That's fantastic. You may disagree all you want. Market action proves me right thus far. If you wish to buck the trend, be my guest. It is, after all, zero sum.