EC/6E Trading Question?

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  1. I am going to do some backtesting for one of my strategies with the EC and I have a question for those who trade the Euro futures. What are some good price "reaction" times for the EC - like the open for the ES/YM/NQ at 09:30 est, or the open for the ZB at 08:20 est.

    I am sure the 03:00 est market open for the EU is one also - any others?

    Thanks - I have never traded the currencies before and I am not familiar with the Euro's "reaction" times other than the obvious.
  2. 5 - I love the EC and you pretty much got the 'standard' reaction times, although every day is a little different I suppose. I would recommend paying attention to when certain economic reports are, when Bernanke speaking (like today, but not till later in the day), etc.
  3. So far I am backtesting the following times for the EC;

    09:30 est

    18:00 est (this time was advice from someone?)

    03:00 est

    For the news release times I use a slightly different method - backtesting that set up also.
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    I thought EC and 6E are the same thing. No ?

    (I have never traded them.)
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    8:30 EST is the mother of euro reaction times, not 9:30 EST. 3 AM EST is number 2 and 10 AM EST is number 3. Forget about 8:20 AM ESTas a reaction time--that's positioning for the storm etc. I use the 8:20 to 8:30 time frame to enter on many days--but not on 5 minute charts--my trades are longer frames.
  6. Excellent - thank you for the information!

    I have found some real good info in my backtesting so far - good price reaction plays with much more than enough follow through to make my hits.

  7. Yes they are the same - you are correct.
  8. I think 6E is the electronic contract while the EC was the traditional pit contract. When I check Genesis' data feed, it uses 6E for continuous electronic contract data.