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    Which of experienced operator can write some about ebs.com spread,liquidity(how many % from toal market?) and electronic
    book. Not only for currency ,but for metal's also.

    Author would very pleased for answer.
  2. there is no set spread, its simply up to the participants to create it, in most all the majors, there generally is no spread, just the bid/offer....i dont know what you mean by "(how many % from toal market?)" but ebs is more liquid than the futs, and im quite sure that the largest single market for currency....hope this helps...
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    Dear sir

    Thank you for your answer.

    IB stated that reflected only 1% of total liquidity
    How great is this % by EBS ?

    Yours respectfully milstar
  4. milstar,

    you will have to clarify your question before i can make an attempt at answering it...i don't understand exactly what you are asking...
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    Dear Sir

    Archipelago reflected some 40% of total stock volume.
    IB and HotspotFX approx only 1 % .In this case they can buy
    by another source of liquidity /EBS & / and sell to retail clients
    with some 400 millisec delay or some another quote .
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    You do not seem to understand the way that the FX market works. You cannot compare a certain FX provider's percentage in the same way you look at an ECN's share of a stock (and that 40% figure for Arca looks very suspect to me). The FX market is pure OTC and covers huge interbank trades. No-one really knows how much percentage they have - as no-one really knows what the global daily volume is anyway.
    Your main concern should be - does your FX liquidity provider have enough liquidity for you. Unless you're moving $100m in size, then I would suggest that all the providers you mentioned will easily be able to cope with your requirements.

    Anyway, if it helps, then I believe that the top two global firms for FX market share are Deutsche Bank and UBS. One fo which currently contributes to IDEAL-Pro on IB.
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    Steve IB stated

    "Your main conzern should be..."

    Caveat Emptor !

    Each operator conzern should be

    1. Is broker Agent or Principal ?
    2. What are main source of liquidity and which of
    reflected by Broker ?
    3. Did broker provide 10-k,10-q,DEF-14,S-1 ?
    4. Did broker provide all law and criminal case's for last 20
    years by CFTC and DOJ ,where broker mentioned as
    defendant ?
    5. Did broker provide information about criminal record
    of he's executive boards members ?