EBS liquidity

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    Can someone tell me about the liquidity and the spreads in the EBS platform.
  2. best there is, if you can get access
  3. Tell us how good the spreads and
    liquidity are on the EUR/USD for example.
  4. just outta curiousity are u tradin' again or u on the lookout for a good fx broker and havent yet open an acct...and what about index futs...u plannin' to touch 'em again?...sgx is fun to trade, and very predictable, since u already pretty familiar with the index why dont u give it another try.
  5. Yeah, would love to hear more about EBS' spreads...especially in the minors, exotics !
  6. mokwit


    As I understand it you see only quotes from your banks your prime broker has counterparty relationships with. So if your prime broker was small you might see a wide spread and if it was CITI or DBK you would see a tight spread.