EBIX breakout watch gap

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  1. Breakout watch and on the edge of a large upside resistance gap.

    BREAKOUT WATCH for possible breakout above 17.26, no resistance in area just above.
    Type: True breakout from triple+ resistance.
    Target: 18.74, 8.6% Stop: 16.76, Loss: 2.9%, Profit/Loss ratio: 3 : 1 - Good

    CURRENT PRICE 17.26, at resistance, 16.95 ± 0.31, type triple+, strength 10

    RESISTANCE ABOVE +16.5% at 20.11 ± 0.36, type single, strength 2
    +20.4% at 20.78 ± 0.37, type single, strength 1
    +25.4% at 21.65 ± 0.39, type double, strength 3

    Stock chart


    source: http://www.stockconsultant.com/consultnow/basicplus.cgi?symbol=EBIX
  2. that was quick

  3. And.... back down to $13 thanks to another "research report" by a short.
  4. we are in a day where anyone can post some research and move a stock
  5. I have had no position in EBIX for several months, but still follow it.

    Despite a price of $24/share six months ago, today EBIX announced that it will be sold to an affiliate of GS for $20/share.

    Interesting that Raina (the chairman) and another large investor "will continue to be meaningful equity investors in Ebix", and most other investors just get the $20.